BLOG - Monthly leasing for 123 CUTS WEBSITES

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Now, you can get an awesome website w/ downloadable business app and commercial from 123 CUTS and pay monthly. In 2020, 123 CUTS is aiming their services towards the small business and new entrepreneur in a major way with a new website leasing campaign.

When asked why 123 CUTS was now accepting monthly payments, CEO and founder Howard West said,

“Everyone with a business needs an online presence. But everyone just can’t afford a state of the art dynamic website with all the trimmings. We’re just looking to give everyone with a business and business idea the opportunity to have their products and services on Google with a professionally done website.”

Assistant producer Max Tillman at Jumla Website Hosting had this to say about 123 CUTS new decision:

“123 CUTS is painting themselves too thin. You lease a car, not a website. Websites are not cars. To build and then lease out cutting edge technical websites for a low monthly price, while giving the customer free hosting and free maintenance is downright ludicrous!”

For the year 2020, 123 CUTS is doing something brand new!

123 CUTS is leasing websites with the option to buy, starting at roughly around $40 a month.

Click here to set up a free phone consultation with 123 CUTS or visit their website at

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